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To locate sources on the effects of the fall of the western empire on the church, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the following link to begin: Link.
  2. In the list that comes up select, ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials.
  3. Once in the database, notice the three search bars located in the top left section of the page. Above the three search bars, it will say Searching: ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials and Choose Databases.
  4. Select Choose Databases.
  5. Two columns should appear. Please select ATLA Religion Database, ATLASerials, Religion Collection, Christian Periodical Index, Historical Abstracts, Philosophers Index with Full Text, and Religion & Philosophy Collection. Then select Ok.
  6. From here, you may want to try different search terms. Try terms like Rome OR “western empire” AND fall AND church. You might want to search key figures or events related to the topic as well. The following is an article that lists the effects of the fall of Rome on Christianity. However, this is not a scholarly article, so DON’T use it as your article. But, using the information it contains can help you find a suitable details which you could then use as search terms. So, the article talks about Christians needing to evangelize the barbaric tribes. You could then use this information to find articles such as this one.
  7. Once the results come up, look on the left under Limit To and select Linked Full Text. You may also want to select Academic Journal under Source Types
  8. To read articles, select PDF Full Text.

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