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This is a topic that is best researched by searching within books and e-books. Unfortunately, our online resources on this topic are somewhat limited. However, there are a few great sources we can recommend! Here are a few suggestions on finding materials:

  1. Liberty's collection of e-books: You can perform a search for e-books (books available online) by going to the library home page, changing the search book from All to Books, and then selecting E-books and searching for your topic. In this case, you could search for "pyramid age”, or "Egyptian history”, etc. For example, one of these searches will look like this here.
  2. Books available in other libraries: By going to a site called Worldcat, you actually can search for books on a topic and then find out which library closest to you has them. For example, you could search for books on "Indo-Aryans history." Or you could try searching for books on "The Pyramid Age." You might also want to search by way of a specific time frame.
  3. Suggestions regarding individual search elements: You could try using the Search Anything box on the library home page to search for "Vedic Aryan" in order to find articles and other resources that compare the Vedic Aryans/Indo Aryans and the Egyptians in terms of their religion. Also, you might try searching in the resources mentioned above by adding the term "deity" to your search. Finally, you might try searching for specific aspects of the culture. For instance, you could search for Pharaoh as god, Worship as Horeb, beliefs regarding the afterlife, or animism in Egyptian life.
  4. Suggested books: In addition to the books that can be found above, there are a few specific books that have been suggested in the textbook of the course.
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion, Henri Frankfort
  • Life of the Ancient Egyptians, Eugen Strouhal
  • The Book of the Dead, E. A. Wallis Budge
  • The Culture of Ancient Egypt, John A. Wilson       

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