Answered By: Jeremy McGinniss
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2022     Views: 1238

There are several ways to find empirical articles. The most user-friendly way would be to use a specific database called PsycINFO (APA PsycNet).

  1. To begin your search, go to the library’s main page.
  2. To the right, under Databases by Subject select Browse All Databases.
  3. On the A-Z Databases page, select the letter P.
  4. In the list that comes up select the link to PsycINFO (APA PsycNet).
  5. Once the database loads, scroll down to the Limit your results.
  6. If you keep scrolling down in the page (in the right column of limiter) you will find a section labeled Methodology.
  7. In the box under Methodology, you will scroll down the list and select EMPIRICAL STUDY.
  8. Go back to the top search bar and enter in your search terms.
  9. Click Search to see your results.

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