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For additional information about peer-reviewed articles, the JFL has created a short video tutorial.

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There are many ways to search for journal articles using the online library website. The best way to search really depends on your research topic and needs. However, one great way to locate peer-reviewed journal articles relating to a wide variety of topics is to perform a search in a feature called EBSCO Quick Search. Follow these steps to search:

  1. Start your search at the library home page.
  2. From this page, look in the top-middle, Hover over Collections and then choose Databases.
  3. When the next page loads, look at the middle of the page. Underneath Featured Resources, choose EBSCO Quick Search.
  4. Once in the database, type in your keywords using the three search bars in the top left section of the database. You may only need to use the first search bar, depending on how specific you want your search to be. If you are searching for a specific phrase, make sure you put it in quotation marks. Also, its always a good practice to reduce your search terms down to the most basic idea of what you're researching. Use key words, not long phrases, unless the research necessitates searching for an exact phrase.
  5. You can use the remaining two lines, if applicable. These will allow you to use secondary search terms to be more specific. Again, you don't need to use these other search boxes, but you can try experimenting with them when you want to narrow your search. Once you are satisfied with your search words, click Search.
  6. Once you get your results, look on the left hand side for a header that says Refine Results.
  7. Under Limit To, you may want to click on the boxes next to Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. The Full Text option limits the results to show only articles that are immediately accessible online. Please note that the other articles which are filtered out when selecting the Full Text option may be accessible but a few more steps will be required to access them.
  8. Once you find an article you want to read, simple click on the title. The following page will provide bibliographic information about the article, an abstract, and a Cite tool on the right. *Please note that if you choose to use the Cite tool, you will need to double check the formatting as this citation is computer-generated.* To view the article itself, simply click on PDF Full Text on the left.

You can also locate peer-reviewed articles from the library homepage

  1. First, go to the library homepage:
  2. From this page, type in your keywords in the Search Anything bar, change the All button to the left to Articles, and click Go.
  3. Once the next page loads, look on the left for a header that says Refine your search.
  4. Under Refine Your Search, click Full Text Online and Scholarly & Peer-Review.  To limit the results to articles published in the last few years, scroll down to Publication Date and type in your desired date range in the From and To boxes.
  5. Your page will automatically update when you select the above options.
  6. To read an article, click the Full Text Online link for that article.

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