Answered By: Josh Waltman
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A great place to look for scholarly articles on forgiveness is in the database "Theological Journal Library."

1) Go to the library main page.

2) In the top middle-right, there is a heading labeled "Collections." Click here. Then, choose the option for "Databases."

3) On the left hand side, there is a heading labeled "Browse by Subject." Under this, find and select "Religion and Philosophy."

4) On the next page, scroll down the list of databases until you see "Theological Journal Library." Select it.

5) Once you open up the database page, choose "Search Journals" on the right hand side.

6) You will now see a search bar. Type in "forgiveness" and search. All of the articles found will be considered scholarly.


A great way to look for non-scholarly articles on forgiveness is by simply searching within the main search bar on the library main page.

1) Go to the main page. Change the the drop down box to the immediate left of the search bar to "articles."

2) Type in "forgiveness" and search.

3) On the next page, look to the left of your search results in the margin. One of the options toward the top will say "Exclude newspaper articles." This box will automatically be checked. Uncheck it. You will, however, want to then check the box beside "Articles with Full text online."

4) You now will see articles relating to forgiveness that are not necessarily scholarly. Many of these will come from periodicals or newspapers.

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