Answered By: Josh Waltman
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There are several good places to look for information on Bible characters.

A) Use a Commentary: The first suggestion would be to find where in Scripture the character is introduced and then look up that passage in a commentary for more information. Here are some instructions in find commentaries online in our library:

  1. On the library’s main page, find the search box in the middle of the screen. To the left of the search box, there is a drop down box that says “All” in it. Change “All” to "Books". This will bring up an option directly below the search box to choose between "All Books", "Print Books", or "E-Books".  Select "E-books".
  2. Type in the name of the Bible book that you are wanting the commentary for in the box and also type in the word “commentary” after the book. For instance, your search may be "John commentary." Click on Go.
  3. You will find a list of e-books that fit the search you just performed.
  4. Click on the title of the book you would like to read. You will be directed to a page with information about that book. You will always want to find where it says “Electronic book – click for access” or "Full Text Online". Click on this link.
  5. The next page will look different, depending on which database is displaying the e-book. You will always want to find the table of contents and then click on the chapter that you want to read.

B) Use the Ebsco Search Feature: You could also try a feature called "Ebsco Quick Search" that searches in a number of databases. Here are some instructions:

1) Go to the library home page.

2) In the top middle-right there is a heading titled "Collections." Click on this heading and then select "Databases."

3) On the next page, click on the link labeled "Ebsco Quick Search," which is underneath the heading "Featured Resources" in the middle of the page.

4) Once on the Ebsco search page, you will see three search bars in the top left. Type in the name of the character. Then click on the green search button. Please note that in order to ensure that you are getting the appropriate character, you many want to try phrases like "Apostle Peter" or "Saint Peter" instead of simply "Peter." You might also try searching "Saint Peter AND Scripture," or other similar terms, depending on the history of the character you are studying.

5) On the next page, you can choose only "Full Text" articles by selecting that option on the left of the page in the margin. The articles found will then be available to be read online.

C) Use the "Theological Journal Library": You could searching in the database called the "Theological Journal Library":

1) Go to the library main page.

2) In the top middle-right, there is a heading labeled "Collections." Click here. Then, choose the option for "Databases."

3) On the left hand side, there is a heading labeled "Browse by Subject." Under this, find and select "Philosophy and Religion."

4) On the next page, scroll down the list of databases until you see "Theological Journal Library." Select it.

5) Once you open up the database page, choose "Search Journals" on the right hand side.

6) You will now see a search bar. Type in the character and search. All of the articles found will be considered scholarly.


*If you have any further questions, please contact the library at or (434) 582-2221.