Answered By: Cooper Pasque
Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017     Views: 126

To determine if an open access journal is legitimate and dependable, you can check for several qualities in the journal:

- The journal has an editorial board consisting of qualified experts within the field

- The journal demonstrates that it uses a careful (rather than rushed) review process

- The journal has a specific subject focus.  Editorial boards for unfocused journals often cannot peer review the material they publish to ensure quality articles.

- The journal rejects a substantial percentage of submitted articles.  Doing so ensures that the journal remains competitive and only publishes the best submissions it receives.

- The journal is a "Green" open access journal, which means it does not require authors to pay for their work to be published.  By contrast, "Gold" open access journals do require payment - and thus often put profits over the dissemination of good scholarship.  Please note, however, that some "Gold" open access journals are legitimate and high quality.